April 8, 2017 - Irene Pena Interview

Pop Garden Radio

April 8, 2017
Am1510 WMEL
Cocoa, FL

Tonight's episode of Pop Garden Radio featured a return appearance by the talented Irene Pena discussing her newest single, "Shut it Down."

The Beatles - I Call Your Name
The Beatles - I Want to Tell You
Evie Sands - Full Dose of Love
Evie Sands - Rodeo
Lisa Mychols - It's Not Your Dream
Katie Ferrara - I Want You
Irene Pena - Pieces of You
Interview - Irene Pena
Irene Pena - Shut it Down
Irene Pena - Must've Been Good
Michelle Branch - Best You Ever
James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind
Irene Cara - What a Feeling
The Outfield - Winning It All
The Beatles - Drive My car
Ruby Free - It's Not Your Dream
REM - Everybody Hurts
Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer
Chuck Berry - Big Boys
The Dairy Kings - That's When You Come Back
Popdudes - She is Funny in That Way
Cindi & Stefano - But I Do

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