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Pop Garden Radio’s Podcast. The show airs live on WMEL Saturday night, 10pm - 3am (eastern). Indie Pop, Oldies and rare Pop music.


Pop Garden Radio
Februarry 15, 2019
Woody Radio #038

The Rembrandts - Now
Clay Howard - She
Kai Danzberg - If She Only Knew
Sam Grimes - She
Snuzz - All the Difference
Jeff Litman - Only You
The Weeklings - Friday on My Mind
Trip Wire - Act Fast
Joe Normal & the Anytown'rs - Don't Hurt Me
Cailey Collado - Bleed Red
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Time Moves Too Slow
Lannie Flowers - Summer Blue
Danny Wilkerson - Carry the One
Bill Lloyd - Miracle Mile
Chris Price - The Dream is Over (But We're Just Waking Up)
Adrian Whitehead - Gilded Cage
Addison Love - Endless
Fernando Perdomo - We Were Raised With Headphones On
Sons of Morning - I Just Don't Understand
The Pandoras - Just a Picture
Gretchen's Wheel - Invisible Thief
Gretchen's Wheel - Younger Every Year
Webb Wilder - If It Aint Broke (Don't Fix It)
Webb Wilder - Is This All There Is
Rob Bonfiglio - Text Me
Rob Bonfiglio - Almost Blue
Sean Solo - Don't Ever Bow
The Grip Weeds - Letters
The Anderson Council - Almost Anything
The Sunshine Boys - Only a Million Miles
The Rembrandts - Come to Californ-i-ya
Dana Countryman and Kai Danzberg - If I Had a Girl
Derrick Anderson - When I Was Your Man

- Bonus -
The Smith Bros - it's a small world
Jason Berk - it's a small world
Fernando Perdomo - it's a small world
Goofy and Max - On the Open Road
The Rainbow Caverns
The Tiki Tiki Room
Space Mountain
Valentine's Day
Jonathan Young - I Won't Say I'm in Love
Ashley Tisdale - Kiss the Girl
The Jungle Book - The Bare Necessities
Princess and the Frog - When We're Human
Phil Collins - You'll Be in My Heart
Courtney Dickinson - Freedom
The Empty Pockets - Tanglewoods
Bob Gentry - Neverland
Stefano - Break Up
The Tickets - She Got Away
The Tickets - How The Good Things Come
Pezband - Please Be Somewhere Tonight
The Raspberries - Get it Moving
Big Star - Back of a Car



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Pop Garden Radio
February 8, 2019
Woody Radio #037

Clay Howard - She (World Debut)
Clay Howard - She's Gone
Sean Solo - Don't Ever Bow
Gin Blossoms - Break
Jeffrey Foskett - Your Very Eyes
The Grass Roots - Let's Live for Today
T-Rex - 20th Century Boy
Butch Walker - Hot Girls in Good Moods
The Rembrandts - St Paul
The Rembrandts - How Far Would You Go
Greg Pope - Waking Up Alone
Cliff Hillis - Rainy Days and Mondays
Michael Simmons - Let Me Be the One
Snuzz - All the Difference
Snuzz - The One Piece Band
The Empty Pockets - Tanglewoods
Dana Countryman - She Desn't Know
Conway Twitty - Is a Bluebird Blue
Circe Link - I'm On Your Side
Popdudes - The Logical Song
The Grip Weeds - Letters
Kai Danzberg and David Myhr - Nothing in My Head
Jeff Litman - Only You
Tiffany Dennis - Between the Skies
Cailey Collado - Bleed Red
The Stick Arounds - Get U Back
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Jonathan Doe
George Strait - God and Country Music
Brian Wilson - Cry


Dolly Parton - 9 to 5
Andy Williams - God Only Knows
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Burned
Eugene Edwards - It Desn't Get Better Than This
Astral Drive - No One Escapes
Billy Vera - At This Moment
Phyllis Johnson - Foolish Girl
Gretchen's Wheel - Imp
Matchbox 20 - 3 AM
Empty City Squares - It's Your Day
Jack's Mannequin - The Mixed Tape
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way
Prince - Screwdriver
Robert Plant - Tall Cool One
Clay Howard - She


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Pop Garden Radio
February 1, 2019
Woody Radio #036

Cailey Collado - Bleed Red
Olivia Ooms - One of a Kind
The Flannels - Breaking Through
Kai Danzberg - Your Shiny Eyes
Kai Danzberg - Help
Snuzz - All The Difference
Ivory Tower Project - Ring Around Rosie
Empty City Squares - It's Your Day
Chris Price - Roller Coaster
Norman Kelsey - When I Say I Love You
Mod Hippie - Cricket Larue
Lannie Flowers - Let It Go
Danny Wilkerson - Let It Go Tonight
Hannah Kaufmann - Little Do You Know
Carly Bannister - So Am I
Fernando Perdomo - I'm Here
The Cherry Bluestorms - She Said She Said
The Cherry Bluestorms - Rays of the Sun
The Black Crowes - Don't Wake Me
The Anderson Council - Joining a Fan Club
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Supermarket Checkout Queen
Jellyfish - I Wanna Stay Home
Dave Stephens - Too Much Too Little Too Late
The Taters - Queen of the USA
SKooBER - I Need Love
The Empty Pockets - Tanglewoods
Laney Piper - Alone
The John Sally Ride - I Know But I Haven't Been Told
Joe Normal & the Anytown'rs - Don't Hurt Me
The Pandoras - Just a Picture
Krista D - Crazy Bitch
The Hangabouts - Too Hot To Sleep

-Bonus Hour -
Ashley Gearing
Courtney Dickinson - Young Forever
Katie Cole - Broke
Michelle Branch - Sumertime
OK Go - Get Over It
James Morrison - Wonderful World
Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up in Me
John Fogerty - Centerfield
Lannie Flowers - Summer Blue
The Dollyrots - Dream Lover
The Cherry Drops - I Wanna Be With You
The Nines - Virginia
The Lemon Twigs - Home of a Heart (The Woods)
Sean Solo - Depth Perception
The Glad Machine - Tonight
Snuzz - All the Difference

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Pop Garden Radio
January 18, 2019
Woody Radio #035

Snuzz - All the Difference
Michael Slawter - Kissed My Kind
Stratocruiser - Dare I Say
Park-o-Lators - Manic Tornado Girl
Paul Collins Beat - It Takes a Big Man
Bob Gentry - Don't Touch Me
Dollyrots - Brand New Key
Hem - Radiation Vibe
Jason Falkner - Lost Myself
The Anderson Council - We're Like the Sun
The John Sally Ride - Consider It Considered
Empty City Squares - It's Your Day
Addison Love - Unsolicited Phone Calls
Adrian Whitehead - Gilded Cage
The Empty Pockets - Tanglewoods
Kai Danzberg - Help
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Radio Sea
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - I'll Return Again
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Sad Songs (live)
Krista D - Crazy Bitch
Caddy - In the Basement
Chris Richards and the Subtractions - The End of Me
The Simple Carnival - A Geek Like Me
SKooBER - Another Piece of Me
The Hangabouts - All Day All Night
The JAC - Thirteen
Chris Richards and the Subtractions - Burned
George Strait - If You're Thinking You Want a Stranger
George Strait - The Fireman
George Strait - One Night at a Time
George Strait - Give It All We Got Tonight
Dana Countryman & Kai Danzberg - Why Girl



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Pop Garden Radio
January 11, 2019
Woody Radio #034

Kai Danzberg - Turn Away (ft Roger Joseph Manning Jr)
Kai Danzberg - Empty Room (ft Johann Danzberg)
Kai Danzberg - If She Only Knew
Courtney Dickinson - Freedom
Courtney Dickinson - So Over the Rainbow
The Empty Pockets - Tanglewoods
The Empty Pockets - You Know I Do
Empty City Squares - The Promised Land 
Duncan Faure - Thank You for the Photograph
Jeff Stewart - Little Heart Go
Rob Bonfiglio - Mr No One (PGR Mix)
Anchor and Bear - Hard to Say You're Sorry
Gretchen's Wheel - The Maze
Dana Countryman and Jamie Hoover- Just See If I Care
Popdudes - The Logical Song
The Anderson Council - Friday's Girl
The Anderson Council - I Never Feel
The Elvis Brothers - Strangelove
Florapop - Sorry
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Cries of Desperation
Sons of Morning - I Just Don't Understand
Anja & the Dreamers - Overdosed
Nelson - A Girl Like That
The Glad Machine - Jessie's Girl
Rick Springfield - What's Victoria's Secret
Diamond Hands - Underground
Nick Piunti - Keep Me Guessing
Lannie Flowers - The One
Sean Solo - I'll Keep Playing
Vegas With Randolph - Ain't So Complicated
Eytan Mirsky - I Know Victoria's Secret
Greg Pope - Waking Up Alone



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Pop Garden Radio
January 4, 2019
Woody Radio #033

Trip Wire - Act Fast
Addison Love - Endless
Plasticsoul - The Ghost Inbetween Us
Sons of Morning - Cold and Blue
Norman Kelsey - Sun Rose
Roger Joseph Manning Jr - Is It All a Dream
Secret Friend - Living a Lie
Sons of Morning - I Just Don't Understand
The Pandoras - Just a Picture
William Duke - Caroline and the Silver Screen
The Sunshine Boys - Caroline Yes
The Jayhawks - Everybody Knows
The Grip Weeds - Truth Behind the Lie
The Colonies - Bound to Be Something Good
Ian Thompson - Nothing is Better
Chris Price - Roller Coaster
Grep Pope - You Got Inside My Head
Extra Arms - Headacher
Diamond Hands - Caught Up in a Memory
Brett Vogel - Superwoman Sway
Bill Lloyd - Miracle Mile
Andy Bopp - Lonely Driver
Adrian Whitehead - Gilded Cage
Fernando Perdomo - We Were Raised With Headphones On
The Cherry Drops - Happynessville ( with Ron Dante)
Starbelly - The Stars of Constantine
The Stick Arounds - Better Off Like This
The Empty Pockets - Deerfield
Jeff Litman - Only You
Linus of Hollywood - Wont Let It Get Me Down
Minky Starshine - Everybody Loves a Party
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Time Moves Too Slow

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Pop Garden Radio

January 1, 2019


Pop Garden Radio remembers Rick Nelson on the 34th anniversary of his passing.

I'm Walkin'
You Know What I Mean
Don't Leave Me This Way
Stood Up
My Babe
Milk Cow Blues
Poor Little Fool
Waitin In School
Hello Mary Lou
Traveling Man
Young Emotions
Mighty Good
History of Love
Thank You Darling
Stop Sneakin Around
There's Nothing I Can Say
Lonely Corner
Mean Old World
When the Chips Are Down
Who Cares About Tomorrow - Promises
If You Gotta Go, Go Now
Violets of Dawn
Easy to Be Free
She Belongs to Me
I Think It's Going to Rain Today
Mr Dolphin
Sweet Mary
Honky Tonk Woman
Love Minus Zero - No Limit
Last Time Around
Gypsy Pilot
Garden Party
Let It Bring You Along
One Night Stand
Five Minutes More
Dream Lover
That Ain't the Way Love's Supposed to Be
Stuck in the Middle
Almost Saturday Night
Call It What You Want
It Hasn't Happened Yet
Give Em My Number
No Fair Falling in Love
Believe What You Say


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Pop Garden Radio
December 28, 2018
Woody Radio #031

The 2018 Year End special, including the Top 40 Songs of 2018

40 The Maladaptive Solution - Consort (Queen of Everything)
39 Paul Melancon - Hyperventilate
38 Michael Slawter - Coming Around
37 Paul Collins - Just Too Bad You're Leaving
36 Addison Love - Wee & Nancy Lee
35 Dieselle May - Sweeter
34 Blake Jones & the Trike Shop - Hard Pan Hard Land
33 Bleu - Love You So
32 Caddy - Safe Travels
31 Phyllis Johnson - Foolish Girl
30 Carly Bannister - Who Cares
29 Ken Sharp - No One Seems to Stay Together Anymore
28 The Well Wishers - Gravity Waits
27 The Supahip - You Can't See Me
26 Vegas With Randolph - I Have You
25 Hannah Kaufmann - Identity
24 Nick Piunti - Temporary High
23 Trysette - I Fall for You
22 Fernando Perdomo - Let Me Love You (feat Katie Ferrara)
21 Anchor & Bear - Hard to Say You're Sorry
20 Miami Dan & the Hayes Street Band - One of a Million
19 Lisa Mychols - Into Oblivion
18 The Cherry Bluestorms - Brighter Days
17 Danny Wilkerson - You Still Owe Me a Kiss
16 Mike Viola - It Does a Number on My Brain
15 Astral Drive - Love is Real
14 Caper Clowns - The Way I Dream
13 Chris Richards & the Subtractions - Maybe That's All
12 Dana Countryman & Scott McPherson - You're Still Number One
11 Sean Solo - Mister Reaper
10 Quint - Love is Stronger Than Goodbye
09 Trysette - The Magic in You (ft Rob Bonfiglio)
08 David Myhr - If You Really Think It's Over
07 Gretchen's Wheel - Imp
06 Kai Danzberg - Too Late
05 Michael Simmons - First Days of Summer
04 Anja & the Dreamers - Teach Me How to Dance
03 Lannie Flowers - Good
02 Rob Bonfiglio - Spread This Feeling
01 Krista D - Simple Social Tragedy

Artist of the Year - Lannie Flowers - The One

Albums of the Year:
1 Michael Simmons - Last Days of Summer - Rudderless Day
2 Rob Bonfiglio - Trouble Again - Trouble Again
3 Danny Wilkerson - Wilkerson - Let It Go Tonight

The Ken Simpson Award - Ken Simpson - Feeling So Much Better
Interview - Jerry Durney
Anton Barbeau - Magazine Street
Interview - Mike Lidskin
Elk City - 25 Lines
01 Krista D - Simple Social Tragedy

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Pop Garden Radio
Woody Radio #030
December 24, 2018

Laurie Biagini - A Pop Garden Christmas
Ed James - Pop Happy Holidays
Sean Solo - Last Christmas
Lisa Mychols - The Joy is in the Giving
Megan Slankard - Wishers of Well
Marty Rudnick - Pop Garden Christmas
Hannah Kaufmann - The Little Drummer Boy
Matthew & Gunnar Nelson and Wendy & Carnie Wilson - This Christmas
Steve Kalinich & Rob Bonfiglio - Christmas Without You
The Hangabouts - Snow is Falling
Luzer - It Doesnt Feel Like Christmas
Kai Danzberg - If Santa
Anchor & Bear - Winter Wonderland
Ruby Free - Christmas Wine
Rubber Band - Last Christmas
Vegas With Randolph - Snow Day
The Smith Bros - Every Day is Like Christmas
The Smith Bros - This is Christmas
Popdudes - Ding Dong Ding Dong
Kelly Jones - Kissing Santa on Christmas Eve
Scott Erickson - Please Come Home for Christmas
Dana Countryman - A Very Lonely Christmas
Michael Carpenter - Sunny Day for Christmas
Adam Waltemire - Santa's Visit
Fernando Perdomo - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
The New Favorites - Underneath the Christmas Tree
Emily Zuzik and Geoff Pearlman - Winter in California
The Wellingtons - A Christmas Toast
Stratocruiser - Presents
Ava and Ian Howard - The First Noel
Spiraling - Do You Hear What I Hear
Ruin the Rain - This Christmas Day
Stratocruiser - Southern Snowfall
Paul McCartney with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots - Wonderful Christmas Time
Merry Christmas from The Time Machine
Pilot - It's Christmas
Backyard Star - It Never Snows in L.A.
Will & Amanda - What Child is This - Mary, Did You Know

A Visit From St Nicholas







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Pop Garden Radio
December 21, 2018
Woody Radio #029

The Ventures - Sleigh Ride
Lisa Mychols - Winter is Here
Laurie Biagini - A Pop Garden Christmas
Dolly Parton - Hard Candy Christmas
Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run
Rob Bonfiglio - Warm Lovin Christmastime
Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
Michael Simmons - Christmas All Over Again
Dana Countryman - Gonna Be Home for Christmas
Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock
Brenda Lee - Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Andy Williams - Happy Holidays (The Holiday Season)
Kai Danzberg - If Santa
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop - String Lights and Hold On
Pugwash - Tinsel and Marzipan
Carpenters - Merry Christmas Darling
Uncle Red Chester - Santa Dude
Quint - I Don't Wanna Spend Christmas Without You
The Slingsby Hornets - Good King Wenceslas
Sean Solo - Last Christmas
Eric Clapton - For Love on Christmas Day
The Glad Machine - Days Gone By
The Monkees - Snowfall
Michael Simmons - Christmas Waltz
Lannie Flowers - Christmas Without You
The Pengwins - Christmas Again
Kermit the Frog - One More Sleep Til Christmas
Ken and Patrick Simpson - Everywhere It's Christmas
Ava and Ian Howard - The First Noel
Adam Waltemire - Santa's Visit
Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus
Burl Ives - A Holly Jolly Christmas
Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe and Holly

Anchor & Bear - Winter Wonderland
Anja & the Dreamers - Last Christmas
Joe Algeri & Herb Eimerman - Last Christmas
Mimi Betinis - Last Christmas
Sara Depp - Last Christmas
Lisa Mychols - Listen To the Bells Ring
Candypants - The Happiest Time of the Year
The Retros - Bells
Dave Stephens - I'll Be Home for Christmas
Bryan Shaddix - Christmas Without You
Karen Basset - It's Almost Christmas Time
Sybil Gage - The Christmas Beat
The Black Whisky Union - Merry Christmas
Herb Eimerman - Dont Ask for More
Cliff Hillis - On a Day Like Christmas
The Goons - I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas
Twas The Night Before Christmas - Even a Miracle Needs a Hand
Adam Waltemire - A Visit From St Nicholas
Bing Crosby - White Christmas

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