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Pop Garden Radio’s Podcast. The show airs live on WMEL Saturday night, 10pm - 3am (eastern). Indie Pop, Oldies and rare Pop music.


November 25, 2017

2017 All-Covers Special

Pop Garden Radio
November 24, 2017
WMEL Cocoa, FL

2017 All-Covers Special

David Cassidy - Cherish
David Cassidy - Darlin'
Doug Powell - I Woke Up In Love This Morning
The Smithereens - Pinball Wizard
The Rubinoos - Brandy
The Muppets - Devil Went Down to Georgia
The Muppets - Surfin USA
Michelle Branch - A Horse With No Name
u2 - Instant Karma
Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings - Loser Babe is You
Motorhead - Heroes
The Anderson Council - My Friend Jack
Michael Slawter - There At The Top
DIG - Surrender (Cheap Trick)
DIG - Imagine
Gretchen's Wheel - Walk Out
Lisa Mychols - Looking at the Sun
Sean Solo - It Makes No Difference
Fenando Perdomo - Theres A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
Fernando Perdomo - Who'll Stop The Rain
Katie Farerra - Hey Tonight
Sean Solo - Lodi
Jason Berk - Up Around the Bend
Alan Bernhoft - Without You
The Hangabouts - The Answer Was You

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Pop Garden Radio
November 10, 2017
Cocoa, FL


Tonight, I was joined on the air by Dana Countryman to discuss his latest release, The Joy of Pop.

The Hangabouts - Too Hot to Sleep
The Hangabouts - Evelyn Wood
Irene Pena - Here it Goes (Ok Go Cover)
Derrick Anderson - when i was your man
Dieselle May - 20 Days
Lisa Mychols - Goodbye To All Carousels
Sean Solo - The Day the Princess Died
Ruby Free - Superstar
Dave Caruso - Go Ahead (Don't Listen)
Elle Casazza - Hey
Cliff Hillis - Hey Pretty Face
The Condors - Tell It To The Judge
The Doughboys -  Sink Or Swim
The Wellingtons - 1963
Dana Countryman -  Can't Stop Thinking bout You
Dana Countryman -  Hang On Little Girl
Interview - Dana Countryman
Dana Countryman -  Oh Roxanne
Dana Countryman -  August Dream
James Patrick Morgan - Expected
The Rubilators - Little Too Late
Corin Ashley - Little Crumbles
Identical Suns - No Vacancy

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Pop Garden Radio
May 30, 2015
Cocoa, FL

Megan Slankard - Lost Together
Lisa Mychols - Let's Stay Together
Bryan Shaddix - Should Have Loved You Yesterday
Rob Bonfiglio - Easy to Be Free
Rob Bonfiglio - Almost Blue
The Doughboys - Soho Girl
The Doughboys - Travelin Salesman
Interview - Myke Scavone
The Doughboys - For Your Love
The Doughboys - The Tears of a Clown
The Doughboys - Yo Yo
The Zombies - Sticks and Stones
Paul McCartney - Everybody Out There
Courtney Dickinson - So Over the Rainbow
Brian Wilson - Runaway Dancer
America - I Need You
Andersons - Falling Out
Marshall Holland - Take Me
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
The Dairy Kings - California Blues
Joe Giddings - Amity Horror
Ram Jam - Black Betty
Exile - I Want To Kiss You All Over
Glen Campbell - I'm Not Gonna Miss You

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Pop Garden Radio
May 16, 2015
Cocoa, FL

Cindi & Stefano - Love
Clay Howard - Invisible
Jeneen Terrana - Fast Lane (On Your Way
Identical Suns - Show Me a Sign
Dave Caruso - Champion
Michael Carpenter - I've Been Loving You
The Grip Weeds - Heaven and Earth
Interview - Kurt Reil
The Grip Weeds - Other Side of Your Heart
The Grip Weeds - Rise Up
The Coincidents - I Don't Wanna Be
The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions
Dana Countryman - Every Kiss Reminds Me of You
Brian Wilson - Runaway Dancer
The Corner Laughers - Queen of the Meadow
Brian Wilson - Guess You Had to Be There
SKooBER - Ricochet
The Dairy Kings - Getting Good
Marty Rudnick and Agony Aunts - Erica the Beautiful
Mike Viola - Roxxy Girl
The Doughboys - For Your Love
The Wind - Let Me Show You How It's Done
Kip Boardman - Running Right
Kylie Hughes - Calipopicana

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Pop Garden Radio
May 2, 2015

Hour 1
Bee Gees - First of May
Ben E King - Stand By Me
Ben E King - Spanish Harlem
Identical Suns -  Coulda Sent a Reminder
The Weeklings - Mona Lisa
The Davenports - Leanne
Nelson Bragg and Ken Cleveland - Beyond Belief
Hans Rottenberry - Tear Off Your Own Head
Interview - John Borack
Butch Walker - The Other End of the Telescope
Paul Myers - So Like Candy
Chris Richards and the Subtractions - No Action
Sparkle*Jets UK - Mystery Dance
The Wind - Let Me Show You How It's Done
Ashley Campbell - Remembering
Barenaked Ladies - Boomerang
The Dairy Kings - You Got Off Easy
Megan Slankard - Bones Live Forever
Dennis Holseybrook - Keep It Up

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Pop Garden Radio
March 28, 2015

Thank you to Steve Keller from Static Ink Magazine for joining me on the air this week. Please check out the magaizine and their debut issue April 1, 2015

The full podcast of this week’s show can be heard “HERE“http://popgardenradio.podbean.com/e/march-28-2015-steve-keller-interview/

Hour 1
The Corner Laughers – Fairytale Tourist
The Weeklings – Mona Lisa
The Davenports – Leanne
Timmy Sean – Hey Jodie
The Dollyrots – Be My Baby
Scott Erickson – Wichita Lineman
Eugene Edwards – It Doesn’t get Better Than This
Stefano Sunday in L.A.
Pilot – Magis
Interview – Steve Keller from Static Ink Magazine
Best Supporting Actor – Move Along Isadora
Badfinger – No Matter What
The Wonders – That Thing You Do
Bleu – Can’t Be That Bad If It Feels This Good

Hour 2
Joey Cook – Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Culture Club – More Than Silence
Clay Howard – Send Me an Angel
Kip Boardman – Running Right
Michael Carpenter – The Only One
The Empty Pockets – You Know I Do
The Empty Pockets – Nay Says and Maybes
The Dairy Kings – Jonathan Doe
The Grip Weeds – Rise Up
The Grip Weeds – Other Side of Your Heart
Identical Suns – After the Lulaby
Gretchen’s Wheel – My Lullaby
REO Speedwagon – In Your Letter

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March 18, 2015

March 14, 2015 Full Show

Pop Garden Radio
March 14, 2015

Hour 1
The Rubinoos – Same Old Heartache
Matthew Sweet – What Matters
Kenny Rogers – Daytime Friends
Garth Brooks – Fishin in the Dark
Elvis Presley – Promised Land
Linus of Hollywood – Whoever’s Around
Cindi & Stefano – Play Cool
Michael Carpenter – Too Late
The Rubinoos – What More can you ask of a friend
The Jellybricks – What You Deserve
Legal Matters – Stubborn
Rob Bonfiglio – Almost Blue
Rob Bonfiglio – Connections
The Smithereens – All I Got to Do
Yorktown Lads – Dear Ethan
The Cherry Bluestorms – Daisy Chain
The Dairy Kings – Getting Good

Hour 2
The Bobbleheads – Who’s Gonna Love You
Clay Howard – Never Give it Away
Brittney Bouchard – I Will Be Yours
Scott Erickson – Photograph
The Smith Bros – Last Time
Ken Simpson – Perfect Day
John Lennon – Love
Wings – Call Me Back Again
Ringo Starr – Walk With You
George Harrison – Let it Down
Thunderclap Newman – Something’s in the Air
Vegas With Randolph – The Girl Holding Out for Me
Yorktown Lads – When You’re Famous
Rick Hromadka – Conversation

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The full podcast of the August 23, 2014 edition of Pop Garden Radio as it aired on AM1300 WMEL. This week's show features a live interview with Michael Simmons of the band Yorktown Lads.

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Weirdo Night - Pop Garden Radio as it aired on AM1300 WMEL out of Cocoa, FL in the early hours of September 28, 2013.

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The full September 14, 2013 edition of Pop Garden Radio as it originally aired on AM1300 WMEL.Singer-songwriter  Lisa Mychols joined me on the air to discuss her latest projects.

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