February 11, 2017 - Final Friday Night Show

Pop Garden Radio
February 11, 2017
Cocoa, FL

This was our final Friday night show as we prepare to head to out new Thursday night (midnight eastern) timeslot.

John Fogerty - Hot Rod Heart
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bootleg
Popdudes - She is Funny in That Way
Clay Howard - Run Away Now
Barenaked Ladies - I Live With it Everyday
Love - Alone Again Or
Harry Nilsson - Me and My Arrow
The Yardbirds - For Your Love
The Zombies - I Love You
Johnny Cash - If You Could Read My Mind
Adam Waltemire - I Wanna Be Loved
Jeff Litman - Outside
John Lennon -  How
The Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About a Mover
Sparkle*Jets UK - DAT
u2 - Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Dwight Yoakam - In Another World
Chris Isaak - American Boy
The Legal Matters - Anything
Bee Gees - Run to Me
Tiara Diamond - I Want a Pony
Candypants - Cherry Picker
Popdudes - Xanadu
Irene Pena - Not from Around here
Big Star - When My Baby's Beside Me
The Anderson Council - I Never Feel
Mod Hippie - Guatamala
Sean Solo - Sad Genious
James Patrick Morgan - Expected
Nushu - So Glad That You Dig Me
The Dairy Kings - Love (a Misunderstood Thing)
Stefano - Promises


February 4, 2017 - Irene Pena Interview

Pop Garden Radio
February 4, 2017
WMEL www.1510wmel.com
Cocoa, FL

It was a great pleasure to interview Irene Pena on the program to discuss the release of her latest single, "Not Around Here."

A short reminder that Pop Garden Radio moves to Thursday nights at Midnight eastern starting February 16, 2017.

Everly Brothers - Bowling Green
Buddy Holly - Oh Boy
Ritchie Valens - Oh Donna
Big Bopper - Chantily Lace
Sean Solo - Lucy Hampton on her Wedding Day
Sean Solo - Sad Genius
Popdudes - High
Irene Pena - Must've Been Good
Interview - Irene Pena
Irene Pena - Not from Around here
Irene Pena - Pieces of You
Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic
Lenny Kravitz - Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
Allman Brothers - Melissa
Brak - Don't Touch Me
The Cyrcle - Don't Cry, No Fears, No Tears Coming Your Way
Letters to Cleo - Can't Stay
Letters to Cleo - Good Right Here
The Dilettantes - Good Day
The Dairy Kings - Love in Your Eyes
The Wreckers - Leave the Pieces


January 28, 2017 - Podcast and Playlist

Pop Garden Radio
January 28, 2017

Theme - The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970 & 1971)
Sonny Curtis - Love is All Around
Gretchen's Wheel - Left Turn
Fernando Perdomo and Dreaming in Stereo - Girl With a Record Collection
Joseph Eid and Katie Ferrara - Lucky for Another Day
Sean Solo - Lucy Hampton on Her Wedding Day
Dana Countryman - Jealous Girl (Andrea Perry)
The Marvelettes - Sunshine Days
The King's Singers - You Are The New Day
Chicago - Wake up Sunshine
Cindi & Stefano - Play Cool
The Wellingtons - Hey Hey
The Coincidents - just got married
Identical Suns - No Vacancy
Lulu - Boy
Paul McCartney - My Brave Face
Rob Bonfiglio - Fuel to a Flame
Seals & Crofts - Get Closer
Steely Dan - Sail the Waterway
The Odds - Yes (Means It's Hard to Say No)
Mark Bacino - Not That Guy
Orbis Max (with Dennis George) - Lonely
Pacific Soul LTD - Aching for You
The Junipers - The Old Man Mini Suite
Allyson Seconds - Little World
The Dairy Kings - Miss Independence
Jason Berk - Changes by the Day
Joe Giddings - If I Don't Have Love
Terry Draper - Such a Night
Elvis Presley - Patch it Up



January 20, 2017 - Flashback

Pop Garden Radio
January 21, 2017
Cocoa, FL

I started my journey in radio at WMEL in January of 2003. This episode celebrates the music that I was playing back in the early days, including my time on Underground Radio. Lots of great memories. Enjoy!

Megan Slankard - Too Bad You
Steve Ison - Golden Pie
Geoff Byrd - Elusive Butterfly
Bob Gentry - The Easy Way
The Superficials - Fen Shui
Adam Marsland - Love x 10 (How Dare You)
JC Smith - Dulcinea
Senio - Beautiful
Ron Longo and the Ocean - Take Me There
Panel - 435
The Barnacles - Third Degree Burn
Parallax Project - Never Gonna Be That Way
Adrina Thorpe - Fly Fly Fly
Jessie Poland - Kissing My Walls
Alexandra Kelly - Loved You After Me
Sam Grimes - Cold
Lisa Mychols - Rocket to Mars
Proper Villains - Crawl
The Starr Saunders Project - I Could Ruin You
SKooBER - Pinch Me
LUZER - When She Cries
Honeywagen - So Sad
A Fine Frenzy - Begin the End
Lanky - Falling Hard for the Girl
The Retros - Girl
The Dairy Kings - Supermarket Checkout Queen
Popdudes - Helter Skelter
Eugene Edwards - Not That Kind of Girl
Ed James - Summer Song
Gail George - He's an Exclamation
The Smith Bros - Golden Blunders
Maxi Dunn - Flavor of the Month
The Conformists - Youv'e Missed That Train Again
Florapop - Sorry
Minipop - Butterflies
Dave Stephens - Livin in a Dream
Robbie Rist - Luvotomy
The Newbees - Songs From a Dilapidated Apartment
Ruin the Rain - Faded Jane


January 14, 2017 - Dana Countryman Interview

Pop Garden Radio
January 14, 2017


Dana Countryman joined me on air tonight to discuss his latest album, Girlville. Thank you to Dana for hanging out with us on air tonight.

Irene Pena - Pieces of You
Irene Pena - Must've Been Good
Irene Pena - One More Night
Fernando Perdomo - Sometimes
Tom Petty - Breakdown
Sean Solo - Lucy Hampton on Her Wedding Day
Dana Countryman - One Last Dance (Molly Felder)
Dana Countryman - My Heart Belongs to One Boy (Lisa Jenio)
Interview - Dana Countryman
Dee Long - Guitar Solo
Dana Countryman - Because I Love Him (Andrea Perry)
Dana Countryman - Proud To Be His Girlfriend (Lisa Mychols)
Dana Countryman - I'll Be Good For You (Tricia Countryman)
Katie Cole - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Katie Cole - Hearts Don't Bend
The Catholic Girls - Without a Country
Rockpile - Wrong Again (Let's Face It)
Popdudes - High
Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
The Gap Band - You Drop the Bomb on Me
The Dairy Kings - Half-Filled Cup
Clay Howard - RUN AWAY NOW
Joseph Eid and Katie Ferrara -  Lucky for Another Day
Identical Suns - No Vacancy
Elvis Presley - Patch It Up


January 7, 2017 - Playlist Only

Pop Garden Radio
Cocoa, FL

This week's Pop Garden Rdaio was not recorded, so I do not have a podcast for you. Here is the playlist, though. So sorry about that.

Irene Pena - Pieces of You
Irene Pena - Must've Been Good
Joseph Eid and Katie Ferrara - Lucky for Another Day
Emily Zuzik and Geoff Pearlman - Tender
Sean Solo - Lucy Hampton on Her Wedding Day
Clay Howard - Run Away Now
Fernando Perdomo - Sometimes
The Weaklings - Love can
Lannie Flowers - Give me Another Chance
Tuns - Back Among Friends
The Explorers Club - No Strings Attached
Rolling Stones - Shattered
Radio days - I'm In Love With You
Pacific Soul LTD - Aching for You
Wings - Band on the Run
David Brookings - The Optimist
Trysette - Landslide
Orbis Max with Dennis George - Lonely
Dana Countryman - Jealous Girl (Andrea Perry)
Dana Countryman - Proud to Be His Girlfriend (Lisa Mychols)
Huey Lewis & the News - Finally Found a Home
Counting Crows - A Long December
Allyson Seconds - Little World
The Dairy Kings - That's When You Come Back
Clay Howard - Send Me an Angel
Gretchen's Wheel - Invisible Thief
The Legal Matters - Lull and Bye
Dick Dale - Mr Eliminator
The Ventures - Hawaii Five - 0
The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

Dec 31, 2016 - New Year’s Eve Show Part 1

Pop Garden Radio

New Year's Eve Edition

This certainly was a great year for music. I hope that you enjoy our Top 25 Songs of 2016. The #1 spot this year was tied between "Someone Else" by Emitt Rhodes and "Invisible Theif" by Gretchen's Wheel.

For the first time ever we named an Artist of the Year. Actually, we named two: The Anderson Council and Gretchen's Wheel. Congratulations go to both. The year would not have been the same without you.

Badfinger - No Matter What
Linus of Hollywood - More Than I Can Say
LUZER - Come on Mandy
ABBA - Dancing Queen
Annie lennox - Walking on Broken Glass
Funeral for the Cena Joke
Rod Stewart - Tonight's the Night
The Wonders - That Thing You Do
The Stone Roses - All for One
Cliff Hillis - Mayor of Midnight
Rhett Atkins - That Ain't My Truck
Terry Draper - Such a Night
ELO - Living Thing
David Soul - Don't Give Up on Us
Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
The Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball
Matthew Sweet - What Matters

25 The Legal Matters - Anything
24 SLD Kindergarten Sky
23 Seth Swirsky - Belong
22 Krista D - Land Mine
21 Michael Carpenter and The Cuban Heels - Ain't Nothing Left To Say
20 The Hour Zero - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
19 The Cherry Bluestorms - See No Evil
18 Ken Sharp - SATELLITE
17 Identical Suns - Forever
16 Gretchen's Wheel -  Younger Every Year
15 Jason Berk - My Mistake
14 Cindi & Stefano - After
13 Julia Fanning - Flying
12 Jordan Andrew Jefferson - Beyond Words
11 Gary Ritchie - Book of Answers
10 Fernando Perdomo - The One You Run To (Voyeurs)
09 Mark Bacino - Not That Guy
08 The Anderson Council  - Magical
07 Damien Binder -  i won't let you down again
06 The Well Wishers - Comes Around
05 Michael Carpenter -  Don't Open That Door
04 Joe Giddings - Always Raining Somewhere
03 The Dairy Kings - Half Filled Cup
01 Emitt Rhodes - Someone Else
01 Gretchen's Wheel - Invisible Thief
Artists of the Year:
    Gretchen's Wheel - Live Through You
    The Anderson Council - I Never Feel
Rick Nelson - Garden Party
Rick Nelson - Hello Mary Lou
The Beach Boys - Auld Lang Syne



Dec 31, 2016 - New Year’s Eve Show Part 2 (Mike Lidskin interview)

Pop Garden Radio

New Year's Eve Edition

The second half of our New Year's Eve show. This part includes our yearly tradition of interviewing Twirl Radio's Mike Lidskin with some of his favorite songs of the year. This half is also the party half of the show.

I had the pleasure of debuting "Goldeneye" as performed by Identical Suns.

Identical Suns - Goldeneye (from Songs, Bong Songs: The Music of 007, due Spring 2017)
Paul McCartney - Ever Present Past
Phil Angotti - Broken Baby Doll House
The Rembrandts - Just the Way It Is, Baby
Pacific Soul LTD - Aching for You
Trysette - First Kiss
Identical Suns - No Vacancy
Allyson Seconds - Little World
Interview - Mike Lidskin
Brian Cullman - New Year's Eve
The Mysteries of Life - Coat of Arms
Rob Bonfiglio - Magnetic
Emily Zuzik and Geoff Pearlman - Tender
Lydia Loveless - Longer
Joseph Eid and Katie Ferrara - Lucky for Another Day
Dana Countryman - I've Run All Out of Tears (Lisa Mychols)
Dana Countryman - My Heart belongs to One Boy (Lisa Jenio)
Dwight Yoakam - In Another World
Taylor Locke and the Roughs - Badfinger
The Armoires - What You Don't Wish For
The Ventures - Walk, Don't Run
Dave Tomlinson - Let's Go Fly a Kite
Randy Newman - Strange Things
Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination
Gaslight Anthem - 45
Popdudes - High
Popdudes - Ding Dong Ding Dong
Culture Club - Miss Me Blind
Greg Kihn - The Breakup Song
Genesis - Land of Confusion
The Raspberries - I Wanna Be With You
The Tickets - How the Good Things Come
The Trashmen - Surfin Bird
Melanie - Brand New Key
Meat Loaf - Paradise By the Dashboard Light
Ken Simpson - Feeling So Much Better
The Muppets - Moving Right Along
Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel
Buddy Holly - Looking for Someone to Love
Clay Howard - Send me an Angel
Emitt Rhodes - Someone Else
Gretchen's Wheel - Invisible Thief


December 30, 2016 - Memorial Show

Pop Garden Radio

2016 Memorial Show




Wham - Baby, I'm Your Man (George Michael Dec 25)
Wham The Edge of Heaven
George Michael - Faith
George Michael - Praying for Time
Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men (guitarist Rick Parfitt Dec 24)
Leon Russell - A Song For You (Nov 13)
Jefferson Airplane - Run Around (Paul Kantner and Signe Anderson Jan 28)
ELP - Lucky Man (Keith Emerson Mar 11 - Greg Lake Dec 8)
Billy Paul - Me and mrs Jones (Apr 24)
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Nov 7)

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It (Phife Dawg Mar 22)

Merle Haggard - Mama Tried (April 6)
Guy Clark - Ain't no trouble to me (Mar 17)
Patty Duke - One Kiss Away (Mar 29)
Bobby Vee - Devil Or Angel (Oct 24)
Florence Henderson - Conversations (Nov 25)

Debbie Reynolds - Tammy (1957) December 28
Carrie Fisher - sonnet 29 (Dec 27)
Alan Thicke - Thicke Of The Night (Dec 13)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star (Maurice White Feb 3)
Man Behind The Music - George Martin
The Beatles - for no one (George Martin March 8)
America - Lonely People
The Eagles - Outlaw Man (Glenn Frey Jan 18)



2016 Christmas Special

Pop Garden Radio
December 23, 2016
WMEL AM1510, FM 94.7, 99.9, 100.7

Laurie Biagini - A Pop Garden Christmas
The Ventures - Sleigh Ride
Wilson Phillips - Christmastime
Twenty Cent Crush - On This Day
Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Carnie and Wendy Wilson - This Christmas
Rodney Atkins - Up on the Rooftop
Ray Charles - What Child is This
James Brown - Soulful Christmas
Jason Mraz - Winter Wonderland
Dana Countryman - Itty Bitty Snowflake (Lisa Jenio)
Brian Wilson - On Christmas Day
Burl Ives - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
Eric Cartman - Swiss Colony Beef Log
The Caroleer Singers - Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts
Gene Autry - Here Comes Santy Claus
Brenda Lee - Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
George Strait - old-time-christmas
Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock
Kelly Jones - Kissing Santa on Christmas
Parallax Project - All I Want for Christmas (is a Chance)
Rubber Band - Last Christmas
The Muppets - We Need a Little Christmas
Frank Sinatra- Mistletoe and Holly
Frank Sinatra - It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Jason Berk & Ellen Den Herder - Low Elf-Esteem - 01 An Elf To Call My Own
Terry Draper  - I Won't Let This Christmas Go By
A Time Machine Christmas Wish for Pop Garden Radio
Michelle Branch - River
Vaughn Moore & His Orchestra - Let It Snow
Hannah Kaufmann - The Little Drummer Boy

Mimi Betinis - Last Christmas 2016
The Fabulous Playground Family - Mr Santa
Mariannie - Under the Mistletoe
Emily Zuzik and Geoff Pearlman - Winter in California
The JAC (featuring the Christmas Crew) - Christmas Without Maria
The New Favourites  - Underneath the Christmas Tree
Adam Waltemire - A Visit From St Nicholas
Bing Crosby - White Christmas
Cliff Hillis - On a Day Like Christmas
Candy Butchers - Give Me a Second Chance For Christmas
Clarice the Reindeer - There's Always Tomorrow
Anny Celsi - Christmas in the Pines
Marquesas - River - Carol of the Bells
Andy Williams - Happy holidays, the Holiday season
Popdudes - Ding Dong Ding Dong
The Elvis Brothers - A Rock-a-Billy Christmas
Randy Bachman - Takin Care of Christmas
Adam Waltemire - My Christmas Love
Paul Mccartney - The Christmas Song
Straight, No Chaser - Wonderful Christmastime
Karen Basset - It's Almost Christmas Time
Ken & Patrick Simpson - Everywhere it's Christmas
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop - Come Down on Christmas
Lisa Mychols - Joy is in the Giving
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time is Here
Spiraling - Do You Hear What I Hear
The Black Whisky Union - Christmas Time
Ruin the Rain - This Christmas Day
Candypants - The Happiest Time of the Year
Michael Carpenter - One More Christmas
The Retros - Bells
Rob Bonfiglio - Warm Loving Christmastime
Maple Mars - Christmas Time in the City
Megan SlanKard - Wishers of Well
Pugwash - Tinsel and Marzipan
Dolly Parton - Hard Candy Christmas
Dave Stephens - I'll Be Home for Christmas