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Pop Garden Radio’s Podcast. The show airs live on WMEL Saturday night, 10pm - 3am (eastern). Indie Pop, Oldies and rare Pop music.

April 13, 2019

April 12, 2019 - Woody Radio #041

Pop Garden Radio
April 12, 2019
Woody Radio #041

Identical Suns - Wanted Man
Sam Grimes - Going Sane
Anchor and Bear - Magic
The Armoires - (How Did You Make) A Mistake Like Me
Irene Pena - Not From Around Here
Bob Gentry - The Easy Way
JC Smith - Dulcinea
The Retros - Girl
Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings - Supermarket Checkout Queen
Joe Sullivan - Space Princess
The Bobbleheads - Listen You Know
Trip Wire - Clear
The Kariannes - This Song is a Cure
Katie Ferrara - Heartquake
Katie Ferrara - Weightless
Gretchen's Wheel - Believe You're Mine
Nada Surf - Always Love
Nada Surf - Waiting for Something
The Tokens - Waiting for Something
The Kinks - When I See That Girl of Mine
The Humblebums - I Can't Stop Now
The Grass Roots - Is It Any Wonder
The Goons - Bloodnok's Rck and Roll Call
Michael Carpenter - Don't Open That Door
Candy Butchers - Not So Bad At All
Carnie Wison - When You Dream
Eric Barao - Nothing to See
Bleu - In Love With My Lover
Sally's Six-Gun Sorrow - 5 Miles From Home
The Smithereens - Miles From Nowhere
Lannie Flowers - Anything But Love



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