May 19, 2017 - 12th Anniversary Special

Pop Garden Radio
May 19, 2017

12th Anniversary Show

Wow, what a night. What a ride! Thank you all who made this night something fantastic. I appreciate each and every one of you.

LUZER - I Want You to Know
Lisa Mychols - Loving You Baby
Jordan Andrew Jefferson - The Air I Breathe
Corin Ashley - Little Crumbles
The Bangles - Nickel Romeo
The Hangabouts - Sinking Feeling
Plasticsoul - In Her Raincoat
Freedy Johnston - For Your Eyes Only
Rock&Roll Hi-Fives - Blast Away With You
The Outfield - Your Love
The Tickets - Almost Saturday Night
Sean Solo - Lodi
The Dairy Kings - Rolling On
Bob Gentry - The Easy Way
JC Smith - Dulcinea
Dave Stephens - Livin in a Dream
Dieselle May - 20 Days
Cindi & Stefano - But I Do
Fernando Perdomo - Sometimes
Gretchen's Wheel - Out of Your Hands
Cait Brennan - Shake Away
Evie Sands - Without You
Identical Suns - No Vacancy
Dana Countryman - My Heart Belongs to One Boy (Lisa Jenio)
Irene Pena - Ridiculous
Irene Pena - Pieces of You
Andy Stone - Be That Girl
Fastball - I Will Never Let You Down
Moisture - Settle for Me
Candy Butchers - Not So Bad at All
Maple mars - Borrowed Sunshine
Ken Simpson - Feeling So Much Better
Scott Erickson - Photograph
Jeff Litman - Outside
Michael Carpenter -Surrender
The Legal Matters - Anything
The Rubinoos - Just a Matter of Time
Best Supporting Actor - Move Over Isadora
SKooBER - Heartbreaker
Clay Howard - Getting Closer (Won't be Long)
Gary Ritchie - At the Party
The Anderson Council - I never Feel
Derrick Anderson - When I Was Your Man
Derick Anderson - You Don't Have to Hurt No More
Katie Ferrara - I Want You
Michelle Branch - Shadow
Miami Dan & the Hayes Street Band - Broken Shells
Michael Slawter - My Marion
Mike Viola - Burn at Both Ends
Popdudes - Dream Baby
The Wellingtons - End of the Summer
The Wellingtons - 1963
The Wellingtons - Please Be Nice
honeychain - Crushed
Letter to Cleo - Can't Say


May 6, 2017 - Podcast and Playlist

Pop Garden Radio
Cocoa, FL
May 6, 2017

Matthew Sweet - Trick
Cindi & Stefano - But I Do
Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love
The Dairy Kings - Supermarket Checkout Queen
Bertling Noise Laboratories - Falling
honeychain - Crushed
The Barebones - The Only Way
Clay Howard - Love
Evie Sands - Without You
Katie Ferrara - I Want You
Michelle Branch - Shadow
Sean Solo - Lucy Hampton on Her Wedding Day
Fleetwood Mac - I Don't Wanna Know
Dr Hook - Sharing The Night Together
Conway Twitty - Slow Hand
Kenny Loggins - Footloose
Lisa Mychols - Don't Wanna Close My Eyes
The Wellingtons - She's in Love
Popdudes - Desperation Time
Popdudes - Magnet and Steel
Popdudes - Joe Sincere
Adam Waltemire - I Wanna Be Loved
The Dairy Kings - Yopu Got Off Easy
The Smithereens - Something New
The Rutles - Don't Know Why
The Rubinoos - Another Side of You
Stratocruiser - Kids Hate Rock & Roll
Michael Slawter - Count to 10


April 29, 2017 - Podcast & Playlist

Pop Garden Radio
Cocoa, FL

Culture Club - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
Lisa Mychols - Dont Wanna Close My Eyes
Lisa Mychols - He's Got Me Dreaming
Brad Paisley and John Fogerty - Love and War
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner
Katie Ferrara - I Want You
Katie Ferrara and Joseph Eid -  Lucky for Another Day
The Wellingtons - She's in Love
The Wellingtons - I Get My Heart Broken Every Day
Matthew Sweet - Scooby Doo
Matthew Sweet - What Matters
Ruin the Rain - Why Should I Try
Ruin the Rain - Tired
Walter Clevenger - Yesterday's News Now
Walter Clevenger - Love in Your Eyes
Timmy Sean - If Your Mother Has Her Way
Timmy Sean - Wait
Mike Viola - Happy & Normal
Mike Viola - Find Somebody To Love
Irene Peña - Must've Been Good
Irene Peña - Irene Peña - Pieces of You
Gretchen's Wheel -  Left Turn
Gretchen's Wheel - Save the Day
The Rubinoos - Can I
The Rubinoos - Persuit of Happiness
Popdudes - She is Funny in That Way
Popdudes - Xanadu
Derrick Anderson - When I Was Your Man
Derrick Anderson - Norwegian Wood